Welcome to my website!

My name is Filippo Carugati. Since I have had memories, I have been always fascinated by animals, especially by the outstanding variety of forms and behaviours modelled by evolution. Driven by this passion, after high school, I got a BSc in Natural Sciences in Milan and, later, an MSc in the Evolution of Animal and Human Behaviour at the University of Turin. Now, I still live in Turin where I’m attending a PhD in Biological Sciences and Applied Biotechnologies. My research activities are focused on multimodal communication in different primate species, with a special focus on lemurs and gibbons. For my PhD project, I am working on the development of a new methodological approach, rooted in deep learning algorithms, to quantitatively describe primate facial gestures. You can find my scientific production here.

My first contact with photography was nearly fifteen years ago:  I started with underwater photography, using a compact camera. Years by year, I experienced different photographic subjects and techniques to reach as many habitats and species as possible. I have always seen photography as an opportunity to combine my scientific interest with a more personal and artistic point of view. In this sense, photography has represented a powerful incentive to explore remote areas and to look for wild encounters. My aim is twofold: on the one hand, I aim to share the extreme beauty of the natural world, combining classic natural history photography with artistic techniques and compositions. On the other hand, I strive to narrate untold stories about wild areas, including the development of long-term projects and journalistic reportage about human impact and conservation efforts. My photos have been awarded or commended in several prestigious photo contests, among which GDT European Photographer of the Year, Asferico, Montphoto, Biophotocontest, and Magical Nature. You can find the gallery of the awarded images here.

For any questions, curiosity or collaborations don’t hesitate to get in touch!